71 questions & answers from the avyakt murlis 1969 | To make effort is to give the donation of not seeing defects
71 questions & answers from the avyakt murlis 1969
To make effort is to give the donation of not seeing defects

1. What is soul consciousness? What is the final stage? At the end, the body will become completely still and peaceful, this is known as soul consciousness. Now, because there are still some outstanding karmic accounts, your body draws your attention. Soul consciousness means an avyakt stage. The more you stabilize in this stage, whether […]

2. Dear Most Beloved Father, how to make effort? Sweet child, make effort such that all leaves of the old sanskars and bodily relations of the past can easily shed, and you can stabilise yourself in the seed (karmateet) stage. None of the sanskars get stuck so that you have to struggle (due to karmic […]

3. Give regard to one another’s suggestions in order to maintain love within the gathering. Even if someone gives an idea and you don’t like it, do not immediately reject their suggestion. First give regard to his ideas:”Yes, why not? It is very good.” By doing this, the force of their insistence is tempered a […]

4. When you have both love and power in your drishti, like the Father, then souls will come close.

5. Sweet child, give everyone the message to be the embodiment of power and the embodiment of love. Two words: Unshakeable and Constant. Keep this in the locker of your intellect as gift.

6. Not only when you sit in solitude, but also come in the corporeal form while being stable in the avyakt stage. You have to be the jewels of constant karmateet stage. The main teaching for the children is that they should come in the corporeal form whilst being stable in the avyakt stage. When […]

7. By sitting on the throne of humility, with love, surrendered intellect and being ever-ready, you will be able to do all your work fulfil all your responsibilities accurately. Give love to the young ones and regard to the older ones. You give love to receive regard. Together love and power bring success in service. […]

8. Always keep the gifts from BapDada with you. Always remember the Father of His teachings that you always remain obedient and faithful to BapDada, instrument souls and the divine family members. The gift of the Teacher are: Imbibe knowledge and imbibe virtues. And teachings of the Guru is that you must always remain in […]

9. Whilst in the corporeal form, you have to stabilize in the avyakt stage. Then there will not be any upheaval in that stage.

10. Those who were stable in the avyakt stage knew and recognized the avyakt form. Adam-Brahma Baba said, I was experiencing how the soul was leaving the body, experiencing dead silence and I was watching how the power of the soul was leaving every part of the body one by one. I was experiencing the […]

11. Those whose hand and company of the intellect is slack will continue to rock about. This is why children have to pay special attention to keep the hand of the intellect strongly in Baba’s hand.

12. If you look whilst in the vyakt (body consciousness) stage, you will not be able to see the Father. Only children who are stable in the avyakt (bodiless) stage will understand this. The children will be able to have the experience of avyakt meeting to the extent their intellects are clear.

13. Now, you have to become complete embodiment of power. Now, you have to make others powerful through the powers that you yourself have received from the Father. Only such loving children will remain with the Father till the end. Where there is the combination of both love and power, the meeting of the soul […]

14. The more you are stable in the avyakt form, the more the actions performed by the senses will be according to the advice given by shrimat. Love has to be there for virtues not for five elements. The signs by which one is able to discern the avyakt stage in the life of all […]

15. You are bodiless in terms of the relations of the body and the thoughts of the mind.Only when the consciousness of the body is totally finished can it be said that your life is totally surrendered. You cannot renounce it now whilst there are still the karmic accounts with your body. You definitely have […]

16. Whatever is the extent of someone’s tolerance, his power increases accordingly. Those who stay in remembrance in every breath must definitely have the virtue of being tolerant. And because of being tolerant, their cheerfulness and power will be visible, there wont be any sign of weakness on their face. Sometimes, the stage of the […]

17. According to the time, the stage of being introverted, of going beyond sound, of being avyakt whilst engaged in action, should be visible and that is still lacking. You should be able to create whatever stage you want whenever you want. You have to make the mind practice this drill. You must definitely practice […]

18. Children will have the experience of the subtle region, but on the basis of a divine intellect. The alokik experience you have now will be all the more beneficial, alokik and unique when it is based on a divine intellect.

20. When children have pure attachment, they become the embodiment of it; they either become loving or they become detached. But BapDada is both loving and detached at the same time.When this difference that remains is finished, you will become introverted, avyakt and alokik subtle angels. Although you children are living in the corporeal world […]

19. Only those who are stable in the avyakt stage and introverted throughout the day will be able to remain stable in the avyakt stage at amritvela. There is not that intoxication or awareness of being embodiment of power. Instead of your being the embodiment of power, what has been mixed is laziness and the […]

21. The subtle region does exist, but instead of going to and coming from the subtle region, you now have to become a resident of the subtle region. This is BapDada’s hope in the children. There should not be lot of coming and going;this is not accurate. Instead of coming and going to and from […]

22. Become stable in the avyakt stage, you will get the answer. You receive a response instantly, but in between you have to let go off the corporeal form, and then you will be able to hear the response. In the avyakt stage, there is no need to know anything, Baba can know the things […]

23. Always pay attention whilst doing service, to the thought,”I did this. Only I can do this.” To have this consciousness of ‘I’ is called the arrogance of knowledge, the arrogance of the intellect, and the arrogance of service, the feeling of wilting and depression. Constantly remember one term,”I am an instrument” to maintain the […]

24. I must not have desires, I have to face everything. If I have any desires I will not be able to face situations.

25. By considering yourself to be a guest you will be able to remain stable in the high (Mahaan) stage. If you are influenced by praise, you will fall.

26. Only when you imbibe Tyaag, tapasya and service, you will be able to remain stable in the stage of the self and there will be success in service. You also have to renounce: 1) never make excuses, 2) never wait to be told to do service and, 3) never wilt whilst doing service.

27. Remain the form of light and might, which you attain when you sit in solitude and check yourself in deep introversion. Then souls have visions thorough you children. When children give the Father’s introduction, then the Father also continues to give the introduction of the children, visions of the children in a subtle form, […]

28. All you shaktis have to become the goddesses who are like the volcano. You have to ignite such a fire in which the iron-aged world burns away. Through your every activity the divine activity of Bap and Dada should be visible. Only the Father should be seen in your eyes and only His knowledge […]

29. One who always has deep love for the Supreme Soul is considered to be always fortunate.

30. Until destruction takes place, Baba is with you. Brahma Baba has gone to the subtle region for a specific task. Children used to receive the warning from sakar form from time to time that such a time will come when you will only be able to meet BapDada from afar.

31. The main thing that everyone has to think about is never to allow your old sanskars to emerge. You have to finish them in thoughts. Finish the thoughts whilst they are still in thought form. Then, finally, your old sanskars will not emerge even in your thoughts. To the extent that your intellect, your […]

32. Those who continue to move along being a child as well as a master will have the main sign of firstly being creative and also egoless at the same time as being humble and the embodiments of love. You will be able to see all these four aspects in their every activity. Do not […]

33. Being the embodiment of love, according to the situations of the present time, you also have to be the embodiment of power to the same extent. Both should be simultaneous and equal. This is the sign of the final perfect stage of a shakti. When you consider yourself a guest, you will be able […]

34. Sometimes clouds come in front of the stars, sometimes stars change their position and sometimes, they even fall. Sometimes, when you see, they are very high, sometimes, they are in-between, and sometimes, they are even lower than that. So, do not change your position. If you do change your position, it should be to […]

35. To be egoless means to be a total renunciate. Such souls surrender everything that belongs to them. When you become a total renuciate, you imbibe all the virtues. Not to see the defect of others is also renunciation. If you have the practice of renunciation you will be able to renounce this also. To […]

36. Your food, drink and clothes etc are all moderate. Make a judgement in this way by being stable in the stage of being in-between and then continue to move along. In some aspects it is visible that you are either on one side or the other side to a greater extent, whereas you should […]

37. When you sit in yoga, when you stabilise yourself in the seed stage, there is no need to churn the ocean of knowledge. You can churn the ocean of knowledge even whilst walking, moving, bathing and eating. The time for a heart to heart conversation is fixed for amritvela. In the same way, when […]

38. At the time of eating talking and eating, Baba seemed to disappear from the body for a second or two. Even whilst talking to someone, he used to see the bodiless form, the form of the soul. This was the effort being made in stabilising the self in the awareness of the point. You […]

39. Because there is no knowledge, people call blankness as Samadhi. Seed stage is not like being blank, this is being the embodiment of knowledge. You churn knowledge to clarify some points, that is the second stage. Some simply entertain themselves with their experiences of sakar Baba, and that also can be called yoga. There […]

40. Whatever it is that you are practicing, you will not be able to achieve it until you first firmly make yourself stable in the awareness of the point. This is why the maharathis, and especially those who are going to become the eight deities, should pay special attention. Only the eight will cross the […]

41. To stay in the avyakt stage and experience Godly happiness. From the activity of those who stay in a stage of being totally lost, the virtues of uniqueness and having super-sensuous happiness joy are visible. Even whilst coming into sound, you can stay in supersensous happiness, so why are you trying to stay beyond […]

42. First stay in remembrance and then fall asleep. It is the code of conduct of shrimat to check your chart and then go to sleep. You know what the code of conduct is even in terms of thoughts.

43. When you look at someone who has faith in the intellect, from his eyes you will have the feeling that although he is looking at one thing, he is seeing something else. And his words will also be accordingly. This is the sign of those who have faith in the intellect. The stage of […]

44. In order to make your thoughts,words an deeds accurate, simply remember three words. For the thoughts, become incorporeal; in your words, become egoless; and in your deeds, become viceless. This is the proof of the words and deeds of the deities (virtuous human beings). The more you stay in the incorporeal stage, the more […]

45. How to overcome dependency? You must remain firm in the disciplines and also be fully independent.To the extent that you remain tied by the code of conduct, accordingly you will remain loving and detached. When you consider yourself to have a right, you will not dependent on Maya. In order to save yourself from […]

46. A spiritual rose remains in the stage of a spirit and is always close to a spirit. You have to carry a burden on your head and you have to remove it also, but you must not get tired. Why do children feel tired? Because they do not consider themselves to be spiritual roses. […]

47. Many such souls will come in front of you; internally they will be one thing and externally something else. They will come to test you in different forms and colours in order to judge you. Therefore you must pay attention to what each one comes for and what his attitude is like. Be very […]

48. The main method is to be incorporeal; the more you remain in the incorporeal stage, the more you will remain fearless. There is fear when you are in the body. Now, courage is needed. By surrendering yourself at every moment, at every step in every thought. Those who surrender themselves have greater courage. And […]

49. To have the vision of brotherhood means to change the vision first, and then everything changes. This is why there is the praise that the world is created through vision. When you see the soul, this world appears to be old. The main effort is to change your vision, When your vision is changed, […]

50. You should have the stage of remaining beyond, ever ready. The stage of remaining beyond is an easy method of remembrance. The pilgrimage of remembrance is just the method. Why are you taught the pilgrimage of remembrance? The main teaching of the Guru that you have to follow is to be bodiless, to be […]

51. One main weakness is that you lack the practice of staying in solitude. And thesecond is that there is not unity. Solitude can be on physical level as well as on a subtle level; both are needed here. If you experience the bliss of being in solitude, you will not enjoy being extroverted. Remember […]

52. There are useless thoughts and wasteful actions only when you come into the corporeal form. When you have any waste thoughts, apply a full stop to them and you will become a dot.

53. All of you will experience within yourself the perfect form of the confluence age. You will know who your bhagats are and also who your subjects are. Those who are your subjects will come close to you and those who are your bhagats will eventually bow at your feet. So now the kingdom, or the […]

54. In any task, whether it is gross or subtle, firstly you must never lose courage and secondly, always maintain love for one another. Then there will be victory for the pandavas. When there is victory, the play comes to an end. Then you will be able to see the flag of the subtle stage […]

55. The reason you come into the feeling of the corporeal is that you do not consider yourself to be a guest. You consider yourself to have a right over things, this is why you have attachment. If you consider yourself a guest, all these things will finish. You can only become a destroyer of […]

56. If you do not see your own physical form or that of others and instead see the avyakt form, you will become an image that attracts. Think that you have incarnated in the body for Godly service. If you go with this awareness, then uniqueness will be visible in your every activity. People will […]

57. If you forget the discipline, then you also forget the Almighty Authority. If your disciplines are accurate, the stage of the self also remains accurate. Whenever you see any image (body), do not see the image but see the living being (soul) within the image. See that and the activities of that image. When you see the living being […]

58. It is not that you have recognized the Father and put everything in front of Him, No, those who have made such mistakes, not deliberately from their hearts, but sometimes it happened due to carelessness, have to write their life story. This is the final time. The accounts of eighty-four births are settled here, You use the words […]

59. The more you have faith in yourself, the more God will definitely become your Helper. One who is loving definitely receives co-operation. In order to receive co-operation from someone you must become loving. One who is loving does not have to ask for co-operation. When you have love for BapDada and love for the […]

60. You become karmateet not just by love but also with power. By power you get filled up with those sanskars. Whatever actions you perform throughout the day, that is, whilst living in your home, whatever you say, whatever you do and however you behave should all be the same. Only then will you quickly […]

61. In order to face any obstacles, you first need the power of discrimination. Then you need the power of making decisions. When you have decided that this is Maya, that it is not right;when you have decided whether something is of benefit or loss, whether it brings temporary attainment or permanent attainment, only after […]

62. The final paper will be of many fearsome situations, and you will be amidst situations which you would not wish to be in. Compared with that, the situations of today are nothing. The final paper will take place amidst the final situations. You must prepare for that beforehand. This is why when you see […]

63. When someone has love for a person, the face of the one he has love for is visible in his own face. That same light will be visible in his eyes. And there will only be words of love for that person emerging from his mouth. The image of love is visible from his […]

64. The greater the power of tolerance, the greater will be the success in service. The power of tolerance is also needed to stay within the gathering. The power of tolerance is needed for the final paper of destruction also. The more you become loving, the more love you have for someone, the greater the […]

65. There are children who become trapped in another type of love if they do not receive Godly love. You have to save yourself. This is the response to God’s love. You have to keep safe from : 1) there has to be purity in mind and 2) you should maintain such control that no […]

66. Sweet Child, remember the one thing so that you don’t fail in any aspect: Follow the Father. Follow the Father in everything that he demonstrated through the corporeal form and you cannot fail in any aspect. Whenever you see a situation in which you think you will fail, then remember: Am I following the […]

67. Sweet Child, the sweeter you become, the more you will cling to the Father. Together with unity, you have to have love for solitude. Just as you are number one in unity, you have to become number one in the subject of solitude. You also have to make yourself one who has love for […]

68. It is easy to create quantity, but God Father has the hope in the stars that you will now create quality. Even one soul of quality will automatically bring a quantity of souls. The extent to which you have divine qualities, accordingly, you will bring about souls with quality. You find things to be […]

69. Sweet Child, always pick up virtues. You have to be content in praise and defamation, benefit and loss, victory and defeat and also you have to be merciful. When you come into action, if you look towards each one’s special virtue, you will then forget all the other things. You have to make effort […]

70. Sweet Child, those who become their own king at the confluence age can also become a king of the subjects. In order to be one who has all rights, you need to have the virtue of a generous heart. The more generous-hearted you are, the more you will have all rights. You can only […]

71. Sweet Child, there will also be such a stage in which whatever thought arises in someone else’s mind, it will reach you in advance. There will be no need to speak or hear that. But it will happen like that, that you can read the thoughts of others, when you fully apply a brake […]