How to do service? | answers from avyakt murli 1969
answers from avyakt murli 1969
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How to do service?

28. All you shaktis have to become the goddesses who are like the volcano. You have to ignite such a fire in which the iron-aged world burns away. Through your every activity the divine activity of Bap and Dada should be visible. Only the Father should be seen in your eyes and only His knowledge should be heard in your speech.People should see the avyakt image in your corporeal image. The main effort is to stay on the pilgrimage of remembrance and to perform actions whilst being stable in the avyakt stage.Now, you have to give lectures specially in the form of a shakti. Challenge them by giving them the recognition of time with even more greater force and tell them again and again that this task of the Father is not going to continue for long. You have lost time already, now do not lose the little time that remains. Give the recognition of time with such force.

Now become stable in the seed stage once again and challenge people. The seed can be planted in many thorough the challenge. Only if you remain stable in the seed stage will the seed of the recognition of time and Father’s introduction be planted in many souls. If there is too much expansion, there is no value. It will be wasted. This is why you must remain stable in the seed stage, in the remembrance of the Seed and then sow the seeds. Then see how easily the fruits emerge and how good they are. Until now, you have made a lot of efforts, but there has been little instant fruit. Now make less efforts and show greater visible fruit. Some become very happy thinking that they have explained to so many students, that they have given so many lectures, that they did a lot of service, but even that service is limited. Now, you have to do unlimited service. When there is unlimited service through all three froms, those of thoughts, words and actions, it is called being serviceable. So, now check yourself to see if you have become serviceable. Such serviceable souls will also be very loving.