How to deal with negative and waste thoughts? | answers from avyakt murli 1969
answers from avyakt murli 1969
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How to deal with negative and waste thoughts?

31. The main thing that everyone has to think about is never to allow your old sanskars to emerge. You have to finish them in thoughts. Finish the thoughts whilst they are still in thought form. Then, finally, your old sanskars will not emerge even in your thoughts.

To the extent that your intellect, your vision and your words are simple, light and easy, you will be liberated from conflict with your nature. Whenever you have a thought that is wasteful or sinful, you must not speak about it to anyone except those who are the instruments. Otherwise, you will become an instrument to spoil the atmosphere, and you will then create an obstacle in your efforts. Whenever you see someone’s virtues, pick up that virtue very quickly because each one definitely has one or another special virtue, and become complete with all virtues. If you see a defect in anyone, simply turn your back on it. Do not even think about them, this is called turning your back on them. You may have a complete aim for yoga, but only those who are free from waste thoughts are considered to be true yogis. You have to imbibe this aim.