What are the characteristics of being a child and a master? | answers from avyakt murli 1969
answers from avyakt murli 1969
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What are the characteristics of being a child and a master?

32. Those who continue to move along being a child as well as a master will have the main sign of firstly being creative and also egoless at the same time as being humble and the embodiments of love. You will be able to see all these four aspects in their every activity.

Do not simply be a child nor must you simply be a master. By having both virtues, you will be able to do everything accurately. To be a child means to be free from waste thoughts. Simply follow the orders and directions you receive. To be a master means to give advice. You also have to observe at which place and in which aspect you need to give advice. Do not become a master everywhere. If you are a master when you have to be a child, there will be a conflict of sanskars. This is why in order to become each other’s helper, imbibe both aspects. Be one with many forms, do not always have just one form. As is the time, so should be your form. But don’t become one with many forms in the wrong way;become this in the right way. It is essential to be able to become a master in one second and a child in one second.