How to reach perfect stage? | answers from avyakt murli 1969
answers from avyakt murli 1969
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How to reach perfect stage?

34. Sometimes clouds come in front of the stars, sometimes stars change their position and sometimes, they even fall. Sometimes, when you see, they are very high, sometimes, they are in-between, and sometimes, they are even lower than that. So, do not change your position. If you do change your position, it should be to move forward, not to come down. Constantly continue to climb to the eternal, perfect and complete stage. Become such a star. The total surrender is those who have totally surrendered their body, mind, wealth, relationships and time. If you have surrendered your mind, you cannot use it without shrimat. It is easy to use your wealth according to shrimat; it is also easy to use the body, but the stage where the mind does not create even one thought without shrimat is what is called the perfect stage. This is why manmanabhav is the main mantra. If the mind is totally surrendered, then you will instantly be able to direct your body, mind, wealth, relationships and time towards that One. So, the main thing is to surrender the mind, that is, to surrender wasteful and vicious thoughts. This is the sign of a complete moth. Those who are totally surrenderd will think about nothing except BapDada’s virtues, task and relationships with their mind. You sometimes mix shrimat with the dictates of your own mind and the dictates of your body consciousness. This is why you are not constantly able to maintain the karmateet stage or the avyakt stage. The mind is tasting the different tastes and so its stage is also different all the time. If it is constantly tasting the same thing, it will constantly remain in one stage. The easiest thing that you have to remember is: I am a point and Baba is also a point. But, together with being a point, He is also the Ocean. So a point (bindu) and an ocean (sindu) are the introduction of the children and the Father. If you remember these two words, you can easily become perfect. So, the remembrance of the point is just the one thing in which everything is included. There is the remembrance of the One, the constant stage, the direction of One and you are the helpers in just the one task. If you remember everything connected with one, you can make yourself move ahead very fast. Just apply a point (full stop), and there is no need to go beyond that. If you go into expansion, that is only for the sake of service.If you are not involved in service, there is no need to use your intellect for anything except the point and the One. Remember just these things and you will easily be able to attain perfection.