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answers from avyakt murli 1969
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What is renunciation?

35. To be egoless means to be a total renunciate. Such souls surrender everything that belongs to them. When you become a total renuciate, you imbibe all the virtues. Not
to see the defect of others is also renunciation. If you have the practice of renunciation you will be able to renounce this also. To be a total renunciate means to also renounce the awareness of the body. The main virtues come through the renunciation are: Easiness (implying easiness, lightness and simplicity) and tolerance. Those who have easiness and tolerance attract others and they are able to have love for one another. To die a living death means to be dead to your body, your friends and relations and the old world whilst alive. When someone dies, his past sanskars also finish. To be humble means to renounce regard for the self. Through renunciation, you receive greater fortune. The more you renounce, the more you will receive respect. The more you try to seek respect, the more it will become a means of losing respect. This is why you must increase the practice of going up and down the ladder, of being a master and a child. There will be success in this when you have the power to perceive situations. When you have perceived situation, the result will be good. When you don’t perceive them, the result is going to be wrong. What is the effort to increase the power of discrimination? More than just cleanliness of the heart, you need cleanliness of the intellect. You should have the power to apply a brake to the power of thought. Whatever thoughts you have in the mind, or whatever the intellect judges, both need a powerful brake, and they also need the power to bend. Both these powers are most essential. This is called the power of remembrance or the angelic power.If you are not able to apply a brake, it is not good, and if you are not able to bend, that also is not good. If you have the power to apply a brake and to steer, you will not waste the power of the intellect. Energy will not be wasted, instead it will accumulate. The more you accumulate it, the more your powers to discriminate and take decisions will increase. Those who sacrifice themselves receive a lot of Godly power.