How to transform sanskars? | answers from avyakt murli 1969
answers from avyakt murli 1969
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How to transform sanskars?

38. At the time of eating talking and eating, Baba seemed to disappear from the body for a second or two. Even whilst talking to someone, he used to see the bodiless form, the form of the soul. This was the effort being made in stabilising the self in the awareness of the point. You are lacking in this effort and therefore your sanskars do not change. The more you stay in the awareness of the point, the greater will be the change visible in your sanskars. So, this is the main method for changing the sanskars. A life is changed only through changing the sanskars. A zero; there is nothing associated with a zero. There are no sanskars of the past. You are finishing something and creating something. You are doing both tasks. The last rung you have to come down is to renounce the awareness of your body. When you remove the clothes from your body, you remove them so easily. In the same way, you should be able to easily remove the costume of this body, and also be able to adopt it easily at the right time. Those who have tight clothes are not able to take them off. If this costume which is the body is stuck to any sanskar, that is, if it is tight, it does not come off. You have to see which sanskar the costume of the body is attached to. When you become detached from all sanskars your stage will become unique. When you remain easy in everything,all tasks become easy. When you make yourself tight, there is tightness in the task also. You have to take with you your original form and your original task. You have to make yourself attractive and also become active. You have to be active in everything. You have to remain ever-ready, at any time for any service. Those who are not active waste their time on thinking about it. Those who are active will be able to involve themselves in that and also attain success. Those who have heaviness are not called active. Those who are heavy in their effort or in their sanskars are not called active. Those who are active are ever-ready and easy. When you yourself become easy, all tasks, service become easy and the effort also becomes easy. Service is not difficult, but your sanskars and your weaknesses are visible in the form of a difficulty. Effort is not difficult either. Your weaknesses make it difficult. The promise you have to make is that from now one, there will be unity, cleanliness, subtlety, sweetness and greatness in your thoughts, words and deeds visible to everyone at every step. GodFather is teaching you the education to become world emperors. So what will be their sanskars? Just as you saw in a practical form that Baba is loved by all and Baba has love for all, in the same way, flowers of love will be showered on those from within each and everyone. Check yourself: How much am I, the soul, being showered with the flowers of love here? That cannot remain hidden. So, keep the aim of being worthy of the flowers of love from everyone. When you give co-operation to everyone, you will receive co-operation and you will be worthy of the love of those with whom you become co-operative. Only such souls can become world emperors. Therefore keep a high aim. You will be able to make others as yourself only when you make yourself equal to GodFather in His virtues.