What is the effort of first special 8 souls? | answers from avyakt murli 1969
answers from avyakt murli 1969
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What is the effort of first special 8 souls?

40. Whatever it is that you are practicing, you will not be able to achieve it until you first firmly make yourself stable in the awareness of the point. This is why the maharathis, and especially those who are going to become the eight deities, should pay special attention. Only the eight will cross the land of Dharamraj without experiencing punishment. The more you stay in the awareness of the point, the greater will be the change visible in your sanskars. So, this is the main method for changing the sanskars. At the end, there will be such unique deaths of very few children that the son will show the Father. Only those who have the one special virtue will be able to do this.They will continue to reveal the Father till the end. Such souls must definitely be powerful and must have the practice of being bodiless in one second, even one
second is too long, your thinking and doing should be simultaneous. Those who have such practice will be able to take the initiative for service. Only a few such souls are instruments. Flowers will be showered on them here. So, even at the end, they will be those who show the Father. Even their death is serviceable to this extent. In the drama, only some children will receive a medal for this service at the end. Now, each of you should judge yourself whether you can be an instrument to claim such a medal. Anyone can become that. Even the new jewels will perform wonders.