What is the future? | 71 questions & answers from the avyakt murlis 1969
71 questions & answers from the avyakt murlis 1969
May you be embodiment of Love
What is the future?

53. All of you will experience within yourself the perfect form of the confluence age. You will know who your bhagats are and also who your subjects are. Those who are your subjects will come close to you and those who are your bhagats will eventually bow at your feet. So now the kingdom, or the world, that is in each star will take a practical form. When that revelation takes place, everyone will beat the drums of the wonders of God. You yourselves become impressed by many things, and so how can those who are impressed create an impression on others? If you wish to create an impression, you must not be impressed by anything. You can judge from your activity how long it will take to create an impression. Whatever is in everyone’s thoughts will never happen. What is to happen will happen suddenly.

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