What is honesty and cleanliness? | answers from avyakt murli 1969
answers from avyakt murli 1969
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What is honesty and cleanliness?

58. It is not that you have recognized the Father and put everything in front of Him, No, those who have made such mistakes, not deliberately from their hearts, but sometimes it happened due to carelessness, have to write their life story. This is the final time. The accounts of eighty-four births are settled here, You use the words with ‘honesty and cleanliness’, but what is the difference between honesty and cleanliness? You must go into the depth of it and write about everything. Remember the essence of all the points of knowledge that have emerged in just two words: You have to do what you speak about. Who is the most dangerous person, of whom everyone is afraid? The most dangerous person and the one who causes a lot of damage is the one who has one form internally and another form externally. He is even more dangerous than one who gossips about others, because he is not able to come close to anyone. He is not able to have love for anyone. Everyone tries to remain distant from him. There has to be honesty and cleanliness. Honesty means to speak only that which you do; to speak only that which you think. There should not be any artificial form. There has to be honesty in your thoughts, words and actions. If a thought is created within the mind, there has to be honesty in that also, and then there will be the aspect of cleanliness. Internally, there should not be any rubbish of sins. There should not be any rubbish of one’s nature, feelings or old sanskars either. Those who have such cleanliness will be honest. Those who are honest are loved by all. First of all, they will be loved by God. The Lord is pleased with those who are honest. No one will see them with any bad vision. There will be such firmness and strength in their drishti, words and actions that they will neither fluctuate nor will they make others fluctuate. Some think: I am honest, but no one understands me. A true diamond can never remain hidden. This is why, when you think: I am like this, but no one understands me in that way, that is not honesty. Truth can never remain hidden, and those who are honest are loved by all. Some even think that because they are not so close, they are therefore not so well known. However, those who are honest and firm cannot keep their identity hidden even if they are far away. No matter how far away someone is, he will be close to BapDada. Those who are close to BapDada are close to everyone. So become honest. The proof of cleanliness is visible in one’s activities. Check yourself: Is my activity serviceable at every second? This is why you have to do only that which you speak about. By remembering this, you will easily attain success in your effort. If you are not accepted here, you will not be able to have the acceptance of a high status in satyug.That is why you were told that you must speak only what you think about, and you must do only what you speak about. Your thinking, speaking and doing should all be the same.