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answers from avyakt murli 1969
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What is a karmateet stage?

60. You become karmateet not just by love but also with power. By power you get filled up with those sanskars. Whatever actions you perform throughout the day, that is, whilst living in your home, whatever you say, whatever you do and however you behave should all be the same. Only then will you quickly be able to attain your karmateet stage. The more effort you make, the more you will be loved by all. The fruit of effort is love. It is love that makes you perfect. Together with love, you also need power. When there is the combination of the two, then the stage of both love and power becomes extremely unique and extremely lovable. You have to become like the One you have love for. This is the proof of love. Check to what extent you have come close to being equal. The more you come close to being equal, the more you can consider yourself to have come close to your karmateet stage. This is the meter of being equal. You have to recognize your karmateet stage. You will not become karmateet simply by having that love. If together with that love, there is power, then you yourself will become perfect and make others perfect also. This is because you will have been filled with those sanskars with that power. So, now together with love, you have to fill yourself with power.