How to develop the controlling power? | answers from avyakt murli 1969
answers from avyakt murli 1969
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How to develop the controlling power?

65. There are children who become trapped in another type of love if they do not receive Godly love. You have to save yourself. This is the response to God’s love.

You have to keep safe from :

1) there has to be purity in mind and

2) you should maintain such control that no inaccurate words emerges from your mouth. There should be control over your words and control over the mind.

3) You must also keep yourself from the influence of company.

At the moment, many different forms will come to entertain you, in the form of the soul and also in the form of the body. But don’t be entertained by them. Many examinations will come but they are nothing. Those who have the accurate power of discrimination can pass the examination. The greater your power of discrimination, the better you will pass the examination. (repeat) Because you don’t have controlling power, whilst understanding everything and thinking about it, and yet, you do that same thing again. In your thoughts, words and actions, and also in connection with the lokik relations and when coming into relationship with those of the divine family, because you do not have the full controlling power of what you must do, what you must say and what you cannot say, you are not able to have success. So, how will you remove the weakness of controlling power. You would have seen many times that when something is to be controlled very firmly, in order to control it properly, you sometimes have to keep it light, like in the case of kite flying, in order to control your intellect you must let yourself become light in many aspects. What is the lightest thing of all, The soul, the point. So, when you have to control yourself, stabilise yourself in the point-form
which is the lightest. In order to control anything, you have to apply a full stop. So you must also apply the point, the dot. Whatever has passed forget that completely. You may have seen something, you may have done something, but then finish it completely. To finish it means, to apply a full stop. You will become an expert when you have the full recognition of where to apply the comma, the question mark, exclamation or the full stop. Do not think about whatever has happened. Learn a lesson form whatever has happened and be cautious in the future. If you continue to think about whatever has happened in the past, that will become an obstacle. Continue to apply a full stop and you will be able to stabilise yourself in the stage of a point.