How do we develop quality souls? | answers from avyakt murli 1969
answers from avyakt murli 1969
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How do we develop quality souls?

68. It is easy to create quantity, but God Father has the hope in the stars that you will now create quality. Even one soul of quality will automatically bring a quantity of souls. The extent to which you have divine qualities, accordingly, you will bring about souls with quality. You find things to be difficult because of the lack of your dharna. The reason why you find it hard work, whether in your effort or in service, is that although you have all the aspects in your intellect, you do not go into the subtle aspects. Those who have a subtle intellect do not find it hard work. Due to the lack of going into the subtle depth, you find it to be hard work. At the time of service, develop a subtle intellect and go into the subtle aspects of knowledge and relate that to others, and take them into the depth. Then neither will they have to labour, nor will you have to labour so much. As you go into the depth of every aspect, you will be able to see the jewels, and you will know the value of everything. The more you know the value of knowledge and service, the more valuable a jewel you will become. Since you don’t give so much value to the jewels of knowledge, you are not able to become so valuable either. Try and recognize the value of each jewel. The more valuable a jewel someone is, the closer he will sit on the heart-throne of God Father. By remaining seated on this throne, you will be liberated from all the bondages of Maya, that you will claim the throne of the kingdom.