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answers from avyakt murli 1969
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What is total surrender?

15. You are bodiless in terms of the relations of the body and the thoughts of the mind.Only when the consciousness of the body is totally finished can it be said that your life is totally surrendered. You cannot renounce it now whilst there are still the karmic accounts with your body. You definitely have to settle all karmic accounts either by yoga or by suffering. If there are any severe karmic accounts, this body will remain, it cannot be renounced. You are surrendered anyway, but now the stage of surrender has become even higher. Surrender means to have remembrance in every breath; You should not forget Baba even on one breath.Each breath should be in remembrance.

If you surrender yourself and then perform actions, you will make others surrender. They are the ones who are called heirs. So,now make plans to create heirs. Those who are complete moths will have all relationships with the One; they will be loving, close and maintain courage. These four things will be visible in them. Do moths see anything except the light (soul)? When you see anything else, they deceive you. Maintain this eternally.
The vision of those who have surrendered become spiritual. Spiritual vision means that you have to see yourself and others as spirits. Even whilst looking at the body, you must not see it. You should have such a practice. And then, when anyone asks you what was so-and-so like, you will not know. Your stage will be like that.But that
will happen when you transform the lokik things that you see into their spiritual form. Whether you are working in your office or doing your business, eating food or looking at or speaking about something, you should have a spiritual awareness. The feet are walking here, but the intellect is engaged on the pilgrimage of remembrance (of strength and power). This remembrance is the food for the soul.With the awareness of the soul, you have to consider yourself to be detached. You will be loved by the world when you perform your tasks whilst considering yourself to be a soul, detached from the body. You must not be detached from just the things of the world, but you first have to be detached from your body. You will be loved when you become detached from your body. You will then be loved by your own mind, by God and by the world. You will continue to receive complaints until you become detached from your body first. Then you will be loved by the world. Some look at themselves and also look at the things of the world outside. They first change those other things and then change themselves. This is why there is no impact. In order to create an impact, you first have to transform yourself. You have to bring about transformation in your vision, attitude and consciousness, as well as in the way you use your wealth and your time. Then you will be loved by the world.

One is to renounce your body and bodily relations, and remember Me alone. This is for your thoughts. Then for words, you must let only jewels of knowledge and never stones. And for your actions, you must remember that whatever actions I perform, others will see me and do the same. And also, those who do something will receive the return of that. Both these aspects give power in your actions, that is to say, those who come into connection with you receive power through this. I should perform such actions that when others see me they will be inspired to do the same. If you remember these main things for your thoughts, words and actions, then you will be able to make your surrender complete and eternal. You must maintain the account of how you use your body, mind, wealth and time. If you keep your thoughts short, your news will be short and the line of effort will be clear.Then your news will also be clear.

The greatest surrender is that of being surrendered in thought. You should not have any waste thoughts. It is because of waste thoughts that your time and energy are wasted. So, you have to surrender completely even in thoughts. You now have to bring the enthusiasm of the mind into a practical form.